Best Cats Ever

A few years ago, my husband and I were thinking about getting a kitten.  We found Great Pine Farm and met Kim and her family. Not only was Kim knowlegeable about Thai Cats but it was obvious how committed she was to breeding healthy and good tempered animals. We were very impressed with the love and attention that these cats received and that they gave each other.  We were able to meet both the mother and the father and saw how they interacted with the kittens and with people. We ended up adding 2 wonderful new pets to our home!

Kim was so patient and responsive with us throughout this entire process. She allowed us to visit the kittens on more than one occasion, kept us updated on their progress as the litter grew, and was able to answer all of our questions, even after we brought the kittens home.  We were so impressed with Kim and her family and the true devotion they have to their animals, that we also changed our vet in order to have them cared for by Dr. Troy.  

Arya and Magnus have very unique personalities but they are both affectionate, gentle, loyal and absolutely beautiful cats.  They have grown to be a special part of our family.  We are so grateful to have met Kim and Troy!

Jill and Dan

This is kitten! She is a really sweet girl and she is super tiny. She loves to play and she gets along really well with all my other cats : ) I'm really happy she has a forever home with me.  I wouldn't trade her for the world!


Our visit with Kim and her Kittens was one of the best experiences we could ask for.  So many babies to choose from.  After a long deliberation we chose our Boon-Mee and Maliwan, brother and sister.  They will be three soon and we have had three years of fun and love.  They have been the best.  They even hold conversations with us.  I highly recommend Kim and her sweet, happy and very healthy cats. Don't miss out on this wonderful experience.

Shelley and John W.

We were so fortunate to discover Kimberly when we were searching for our new family member!  I was also fortunate that they were traveling thru Virginia.  I met them near Charlottesville, at 7am.  Our boy Thai, arrived with a caravan of horse trailers as Kim and her daughter passed thru on the way to SC.   

He was full of personality from the start and filled our hearts and home.  This boy is intelligent, inquisitive, loving and so incredibly balanced.  He blended with our 7 dogs and 2 Burmese in a heartbeat.  I forgot to mention that he is so, so, handsome!!  We are blessed to have him as a family member.  


We lost our blue point siamese at the very young age of 5, he developed a very rare condition.  This being said, I was crushed. A few months had passed and I couldn't  take the loneliness and sadness in my home anymore so I did a web search for Siamese breeders in my area and thank God I found Great Pine and Kim.  I can't put into words what a great experience right from the beginning until even now and my two Thai Burmese boys are a little over 1 year old.  Kim has been there every step of the way, any question I've had right from the beginning she has always answered and believe me there were a lot of them, LOL.  Now lets talk about the boys, these are the sweetest cats I have ever had in my entire life. Very playful, full of energy, and love, and their temperments are second to none.  Anybody that comes into my house they walk right up to them and they are friendly and well behaved.  I have one blue and one sable and they have beautiful coats.  Both cats have their own unique personality and they are pretty much inseparable, thank God I got two. I love these boys.  Thank you Kim for everything. 

Gary C.    

I adopted my beautiful blue Stella from Great Pine Farm in 2015 and returned there 18 months later to adopt my little sable boy Raffi.  I strongly believe in Kim's mission to import cats from Thailand to broaden the genetic pool for the sake of her cats' health and well being.  Kim is a truly professional and knowlegeable breeder who raises these wonderful cats in a warm home environment with lots of love.  She and her veterinarian husband, Troy make sure the cats and all the other animals on the farm have the best of health care.  If you adopt a kitten from Kim, you can reach out to her any time for help and advice.  I cannot recommend Kim and Great Pine Farm highly enough!