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What is the difference between the Thai cats and "Typical" Siamese, Burmese and Tonkinese?

They are very alike in most ways except one very important way.  The Thai cats have a genetic diversity that makes them strong and healthy.  Unlike their American and European counterparts who are experiencing a health crisis as a result of inbreeding the Thai cats enjoy robust health and few if any genetic weaknesses.  

Thai Siamese, Thai Burmese and Thai Tonkinese are just as affectionate, just as attention seeking, just as people pleasing. They are very social and crave your time and attention. The Thai cats are just a little closer to the natural order of things. A little less softened by a 100 years of captive breeding, they are exceedingly smart, aware, inquisitive and active cats. They are a  study in healthy feline moderation, not to slinky, not to round, with a normal adorable cat shaped nose, not one that is too pointy or too pushed in.  Not to big, not to small they are beautiful well balanced cat with a triangular head shape and a decidedly oriental physique.   

Why have the cats from Thailand evolved to become so friendly and attention seeking?

The Thai people love their cats and they are an important part of their culture. Because their culture and religion encourages the appreciation of all life, the native and street cats were not treated like vermin to be chased away and exterminated, they were part of daily life and were to be cared for. That being said, the cats with the best begging skills, the pushiest, those who were extra friendly and experts in the manipulation of people got the most food. The cats with the most food raised the biggest litters.  For centuries only the smartest, most outgoing  and friendliest of cats have thrived, reproduced, and evolved to give us the amazing personality that is unlike any other.  

Are there differences in temperment between the Thai Siamese, Thai Burmese and Thai Tonkinese?

"Typical" Siamese, Burmese and Tonkinese were separated into their different color varieties a very long time ago and have been bred as different breeds for almost a century. Each have selected for certain traits and body types that distinguish them from one another. They are now obviously different cats that interestingly enough still have one thing in common, the one thing that sets them apart from all the other cats,  they are all extraordinarily loving, social and crave the time and attention of their people.   

The Thai Siamese, Thai Burmese, and Thai Tonkinese have existed in Thailand as just different color varieties of the same cat, the same breed. The same amazing breed that is the parent breed to every  Siamese ,Burmese and Tonkinese that we have ever loved.   They haven't been separated for their differences, they have been celebrated for that one similarity, the amazingly social, interactive, attention craving personality that we have all fell in love with in our cats.  So the only difference between the Thai Siamese, The Thai Burmese and the Thai Tonkinese is their color.  They are all just different colors of the same amazing, loving, social, interactive cat.  

Whats with the kinked tails?

Kinked Tails are decidedly Thai. It is simply a naturally occurring mutation that has existed in the populations of Thailand's cats as early as anyone has recorded.  From what I understand, when these cats first came to this country about 100 years ago before the time of the registering bodies, it was the kink in their tail that allowed people to know they were purebred.  Since then, modern breeders have tried to get rid of the kink.  Because my cats are direct from Thailand I have not tried for 100 years to "get rid of the kink".  I have chosen to celebrate the kink for what it is, a symbol of  the Ancient Cat of Thailand, a symbol of history and as a part of the genetic diversity that will keep our beloved cats with us for a full and healthy lifetime.  Approximately 50% of my kittens have a kink of some sort, ranging from very tiny and not visually noticeable to a big honking kink that is proudly displayed for all to see as badge of their heritage.    

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