Deposit and Waiting List

If you definitely want a kitten I ask that you send me a deposit of $200.  The deposit will put you on the waiting list and secure your place in line to pick a kitten.  When the kittens are ready to go home, I invite those on the list to come pick their kitten in the order that their deposit was received or postmarked.  

At that time you have these options:

1.  You visit, fall in love with a kitten and take it home and live happily ever after. 

2.  If I don't have the kitten you want,  you may let it ride and apply the deposit to the next litter where you will move up in turn to pick and have a better chance to end up at the front of the pack.  Keep in mind, if you are waiting for a specific sex and color it may take much longer for your kitten to arrive. I have had people wait as long as 6 mo to a year when they are rigid in their choice of sex and color.  


I do not ship.  I think it is important for a new family to pick their kitten in person.   I also feel strongly that the kitten should also have a say in the matter.  With cats in general and the Thai cats especially, it becomes quite obvious when you all get together which kittens should go home with a specific family and which shouldn't.  If you go home with the kitten that also wants to go home with you, it is always the right kitten. Sex and color just aren't important when you make a heart connection.  I tell every person who walks in that you can pick your breeder with your head, but you kitten must not be chosen with your head or eyes, it must be chosen with your heart.  

I will however pick you up at the local Hartford, CT airport if you want to fly in to get you kitten.  

Visits to the farm

I do not offer visits before the kittens are ready to go home.  Time just does not allow for multiple visits.