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The Ancient Cat of Thailand

A Natural Breed


Records in Thailand tell us these cats have existed in Thailand for over 700 years,  a result of unique natural mutations to coat color and personality. When these special cats were originally brought to the west they were separated by their different colors each into their own breed, the Siamese, Burmese and Tonkinese. But in Thailand they still exist as just different colors of the same breed. In Thailand and in my house, they are all still just different colors of the same amazing cat!

Health and Personality


We concentrate on breeding for health and personality and believe that a healthy affectionate cat that is around for a good long time is the most beautiful cat in the world.  These cats live for human attention and companionship, they insist on being involved in everything you do. When you adopt one of our cats, your arent getting just a pet,  your welcoming in a dear friend and devoted companion. 

Beautiful Variety of Colors


The healthy genetic diversity of the Thai cat brings us a beautiful variety of physical characteristics, eye colors and coat colors.  The Thai Siamese, Thai Tonkinese, and Thai Burmese give us a dazzling array of gorgeous exteriors to wrap this delightful, engaging and intelligent cat.    

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